Library and Archiact

I always get a good feeling from passing my knowledge onto others. Last week Ryan and I had a game development teaching session at the library. He walked through the tutorial as I walked around helping the people who were running behind or just had questions. The lesson was Roll a Ball, which is a very simple game that can be taught in less than 2 hours. I had a lot of fun and it is nice to be involved in the community.library

Friday also marked the first day of the Archiact Game Jam, which is a worldwide VR game development competition. To enter you simply had to upload a short description of the game you were going to make. The competition ends on April 24th which gives just enough time to make something worth playing. Ryan and I entered an adventure type game and I also entered my own game about airports that I’m working on outside of the internship. As of right now there are over 150 contestants so there should be some good competition. It is going to be a long couple weeks of little sleep to win. You can check out our game at: and my game at: