NAB Show and Archiact Jam Publishing

This past week I went to NAB(Northwest Association of Broadcasters). I quite a bit of fun walking around looking at all the technology. They had a section of the building just for VR which was good for me being a VR developer. One of the companies there had a huge setup for people to try Gear VR, Oculus, and the HTC Vive. I hadn’t tried the Vive before so I was very excited. It was the best VR experience I’ve ever had. Being able to walk around and have complete head tracking is a great feeling for VR. I’m excited to get one of my own and start developing games for it.


Speaking of getting my own, the Global Archiact Jam ended Sunday. My finished project, Air Disaster, is on the play store. I spent a lot of time and energy working on it and I’ll know if I won Friday, which will get me the Vive. Whether or not I win I learned a lot. Out of the now 11 apps I have published to the play store this one is probably the best in terms of optimization. Now, on to the next great game.